Caerleon RC 26.2 Team Challenge

Caerleon RC 26.2 Team Challenge

Caerleon RC 26.2 Team Challenge

The second week of May saw the Caerleon RC 26.2 Challenge. 

Teams of four combined to cover 26.2 miles during the week.

The competition was fast and fierce. Incredibly, just 10 seconds separated the top two teams, and one minute between 5th and 9th place!​

The winners were Team 5 - Kevin D, Mark H, Erin C & Nick F in a time of 3h 24m 13s.


This was the best virtual challenge to date, with a massive 56 club members taking part. These events thrive on mass participation so please take part and enjoy our unique club spirit at this difficult time. ​

Well done to everybody who took part and get yourselves geared up for the next club virtual challenge. ​


©2021 by Caerleon Running Club.

Photography credits Robert Gale & Paul Stillman

flickr: _NiallS

Additional contributions by Caerleon RC members

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Photography Credits: Tosh Simpkins & Rob Gale
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