Caerleon RC Easter Challenge Chase

Caerleon RC Easter Challenge Chase

Caerleon RC Easter Challenge Chase

Well done to everybody who took part in our first virtual running challenge.
In total 35 members took to the streets, canals and trails to complete a 5K route of their choice.

There were two key bits of data that were used to create the handicapping system.

​1. Handicap percentage.
This is your performance in the challenge relative to your 5K PB. I have taken your parkrun PB during the last 2 years as your PB time, unless this information wasn’t available, in which case I took club time trial data, or average run data from your Strava profile.  Some runners have a handicap percentage greater than 100%, as their challenge completion time was a new PB.

 2. Age Grading percentage
This percentage is provided to you every time you complete a parkrun.  A calculation is carried out that takes into account the age and the sex of the runner and produces a single percentage value. This value can then be used to compare performances between males and females and across different ages and distances.
Since this challenge was predominantly handicap based, the two percentages will be applied in a 2:1 ratio,

Handicap % : Age Grading %
On the results table the following is included:



5K PB – Your best parkrun time in the last two years. 

CRCECC – This is the time you completed the challenge in.

DIFF – This is the time difference between your 5K PB and your time for this challenge. Times in green are improvements on PBs, times in red are a reflection of the times in which we live!


HAND % - This is your Handicap Percentage. This is your 5K PB time / Challenge time x 100.


AGE GRADED TIME -  I use an online calculator to work this out. However, it combines an age factor to your time achieved, to give you an equivalent time equal in performance for a senior runner. (Up to 35 years for females, and 40 for males.)


AGE % -  This is the age graded percentage. It is the value that indicates the quality of a performance and can be used for comparison. Dividing the age-standard time by the athlete time and converting the resulting proportion to a percentage determines it.  Basically the fastest runner of your age and sex, running that distance will clock an age graded % of 100%. You fall in somewhere between 100% and 0%.



This is the average of your Handicap % and Age Graded % in the ratio of 2:1

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Photography credits Robert Gale & Paul Stillman

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Additional contributions by Caerleon RC members

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