Caerleon RC Olympic Challenge

Caerleon RC Olympic Challenge

Caerleon RC Olympic Challenge

The fifth in the series of the Caerleon RC Virtual Race series was the Olympic Challenge. 

Teams of four combined to run a 10K, 5K, 3K and 1.5K leg plus a 4 x 400m relay to round off the weeks competition. 

This event proved to be more challenging than it was given credit for - especially the 400m sprint! However, it was another great week of competition with lots of notable performances. 

The winners were Team 4 - Jade, Neil, Tony & Tony with a grand total of 54 points. 


Below is the breakdown of the results overall including a detailed look at how the finishing times were revised to ensure they were as accurate as possible. 




©2022 by Caerleon Running Club.

Photography credits Robert Gale & Paul Stillman

flickr: _NiallS

Additional contributions by Caerleon RC members

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Photography Credits: Tosh Simpkins & Rob Gale
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