September 2023

September 2023

Ryan Davies

How long have you been Running?

Like many I guess I’ve had various running periods. I was quite a keen 800m runner and cross-country captain in school, but that was in the 80's so a very long time ago. I ran a bit in my 30's until I had an ITB issue which kind of moved me onto cycling. This time around I started running again properly in the 1st lock down and joined the club in August 2020.

How long have you been with Caerleon Running Club and how did you come to join us?

Ah, answered this one already. I just found when I started running in lockdown my distances kept increasing so I thought I should do something with it. I also knew an ex-CRC member a little bit and kept seeing all these virtual runs in lockdown and thought sod it join up. I'm not particularly sociable so found it difficult at first but I'm glad I perceived.

What inspired you to start running?

General fitness, I guess. This time around running really helped me with anxiety and stress in that very strange 1st lockdown. It also gave me some peace from the kids if I'm honest. Having said that I’ve been very active all my life playing cricket, tennis, squash, cycling and some HIT stuff. I'm not one for sitting around although I love reading.

What motivates you to keep running?

I'm in the doldrums a bit at the moment. Having run through some crazy weather to train for Newport Marathon it was, to put mildly, a bit of a bummer for my hip to fall apart the day before. Four months down the line I'm still having physio but I'm slowly getting there. I've signed up for the Manchester marathon in 2024 so that's my inspiration at the moment. I have found having something booked in the future keeps me interested. I love running, I love the chats even though I do witter on sometimes. If I can't do that I love running and listening to various podcasts.

What is your running ambition?

Easy one here. Sub 3:30 marathon.

What do you consider your proudest moment?

Running wise, it would have to be running a virtual marathon last year. I would never have been able to do that without Sadie and Mark H shepherding me around.

Do you have any regrets when it comes to your running journey?

Yes, letting a running plan override what my body was telling me. I knew my hip was in trouble a few weeks before the marathon and because I was on a plan, I was too scared to rest. I suppose the other one is not getting back into it earlier. I was quite quick over the middle to long distances when I was younger, and I now feel injury, age and weight are now holding me back.

What is your favourite race, and why? If you don’t race, what is your favourite run?

I've not run that many, but I suppose it would so far have to be Cardiff half. My favourite run was running down Bulmore Road early one morning, listening to a really nice album by MJ Cole called Madrugada and simultaneously listening to all the bird song on my bone conducting headphones. Bliss!

What is your favourite music to run to? Or if you don’t listen to music, what do you think about while running?

Ok already answered another one. Music wise, I have to make sure I listen to the chilled stuff, or I'm done after a mile. I love podcasts, these are normally the either politics, health such as ZOE or Virology. Can't think the interest for last one originated.

What is your go-to post-run drink or treat?

It used to be protein yoghurts until the ZOE talk about protein and why most of us don't need the extra supplements. I love homemade banana milkshakes, so guess that's my favourite.

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out running?

Listen to your body, warm up, just enjoy it and don't worry about times or what others are doing.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Can't think of anything other than my best purchase for running was definitely bone-conducting headphones.

Thank you Ryan!

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