All sports clubs have a responsibility to ensure they provide a safe environment for their members.

The government makes it very clear that sport has to put safeguards in place. Athletics, along with other sports such as cricket, rugby and swimming, to name but a few, believe the best way to do this is to appoint a Welfare Officer.

Caerleon Running Club accepts it has a clear responsibility towards its members. Making sure everyone knows how to report concerns about a member’s welfare is essential. Knowing how to deal with poor practice issues is also vital. Lots can be done very simply.

We are lucky to have two excellent welfare officers at Caerleon Running Club, Pauline Beckett and Chris Ford.

Should members have any issues relating to member welfare they should direct them in the first instance to Pauline or Chris in person or by email to caerleonrcwelfare@gmail.com


 Welsh Athletics Adults Safeguarding Procedures (2021)

Welsh Athletics Adults Safeguarding Policy (2021)

UK Athletics Safeguarding Adults Policy and Procedures

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